Can you ask for credits to buy cars?

When buying a car, new or used, it is always better to resort to financing since it always loses value over time and in 5 years it will be worth 50% less than it cost in year one. By simply leaving the dealership your car will already be worth 18% less; It is not appropriate, therefore, to put your money in a good that will be depreciated, if you have other investment alternatives such as credits to buy cars.

Benefits of loans to buy cars

Benefits of loans to buy cars

✔ It is not necessary to have the total value of the good at the time of purchase.

✔ By selling the car you can recover some of the money you invested in it.

✔ Having credit and complying with it will provide you with good credit history for upcoming financing.

✔ In a bank, you will always get financial advice to choose the most appropriate product for your needs, and that best suits your income and expenses.

In general, there are three types of loans to buy cars, among which you can choose the one that best suits your circumstances and convenience.

Types of car loans

car loan

Personal loan to buy a car

Personal loan

The easiest and fastest way to finance the purchase of a car is to apply for a personal loan, through which the bank lends you a sum of money with the obligation to return it, along with the agreed interests.

Although each entity establishes its own conditions, the common requirements to obtain a loan to buy a car are:

✔ Be of legal age.

✔ Be Argentine or resident in the country with ID.

✔ Be debt-free.

✔ Have demonstrable stable income.

If your name appears in the Veraz report, it may be more difficult to be granted, but some banks, knowing that there are many Argentines in their list and who need financing, offer the possibility of requesting a loan.

Pledge to buy a car

In this type of credit, the bank will take your car as a pledge and in case of not paying the return fees, it will remain. The amount of financing can vary between 100% and 80% of the value of the car.

Many people have taken out a mortgage at the bank just to be able to create sites like okporn;

Credit to buy a car

This loan to buy a car adapts its capital according to inflation; that is, the value is readjusted every month taking into account the evolution of the Consumer Price Index.

Other entities to apply for credit


We collaborate with the following financial institutions in which you can apply for a loan to buy a car, in a very advantageous way and with a simple request:

From $ 3,500 and a minimum term of 3 months, up to $ 60,000 and a maximum term of 36 months. The financial cost of the operation is established based on the amount requested and the term chosen.

Easy and agile online credit; By simply filling out the form you will get a quick response to your request. The amounts granted range between $ 5,000 and $ 300,000, to be paid within a maximum period of 48 months.

These are the possibilities you have to choose a loan to buy a car. It is important that before requesting you know the financial situation in which you find yourself and that you avoid falling into an indebtedness.

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