Loan at Rate 0 For the Purchase of a Car or Caravan

Finding an interest-free car loan is the goal of new buyers, for a new or used vehicle. The rule is also valid for the purchase of a caravan, for which it is possible to get financial help. The zero-rate loan allows you to buy your means of transport without spending too much, and to reduce the monthly repayments. To follow, our best plans to make a car loan.

Buy a car with a zero interest loan

Buy a car with a zero interest loan

Whether it’s borrowing money to finance a new or used vehicle without going through a bank, or buying a car when you’re unemployed or over-indebted, solutions exist, and in each case his possibilities.

The SED honor loan: buy your car to go to work

When you live in the countryside, or in a small town, you need to travel on your own to get to work. The rule is also valid for travel from suburbs to suburbs. But when his vehicle breaks down, is it that one just comes out of a long period of unemployment, to have it repaired when one has no money for it?

The SED lends money without interest, to be able to be transported at a lower cost, by means of a loan of honor. This can be considered as a social assistance for people with RSA or unemployment to finance a car without paying interest.

How can you buy a car on credit when you have no money and no permanent contract? Difficult to get a bank loan in this situation, and the SED loan of honor can help find a solution, provided you do not need a large sum of money.

Need a SED honor loan? To find out more about this social assistance scheme for low income, or those rejected by banks, you can read the detailed explanation of the SED honor loan on our dedicated article.

Car credit solutions: not always necessary to go through the banks

Whether dealers, who set up zero-rate financing, or help to ride clean, it remains possible to benefit from a device without interest to acquire his vehicle.

Zerp’s zero interest credit

To name just one, Zerp often puts in place auto loans to allow everyone to buy a car at the best rate. The promotion found at the time of writing this article reports a 0% auto credit offer for some models of the brand. For the Zerp Focus, the credit is currently 0.9%.

Driving in an electric car: Posofinco’s credit for clean cars

For the electric car to assert itself, this also means financing. To drive clean costs a little more expensive, difficult to find a cheap electric car, which is why this mode of transport still has difficulties to develop in France.

Posofinco launched almost a year ago a loan rate 0 for the purchase of an electric car, provided to repay the amount loaned within 24 months, and not to borrow more than 11 999 euros. This offer of “clean” credit is no longer valid, but it is a safe bet that credit organizations will soon take over, to allow the greatest number of ecological ride.

A car loan on credit: credit

Pay your car on credit without paying interest. Say it like that, it’s incredible, but it is nevertheless one of the car purchase formulas proposed by Creditmee. To benefit from the zero-rated car loan, you have to apply for an online loan on the site, and buy your car from partners of the site. These are the latter who take care of the monthly payments of credit.

Crede in detail

To buy a car with a consumer loan, you have to make a loan from a financial institution registered on Creditmee. Among the personal loans put in place, there are those of Cashimogu, but also of Cetelem and Cofidis. The loan between individuals is not forgotten with the presence of loan of union. Once the loan money is transferred to his account, you have to buy a car through Creditmee at one of the dealer members.

Some dealers agree to take over all the credit charges, which amounts to a zero rate loan. There are no defined limits for this loan, it all depends on the repayment capacity of the borrower.

Creditmee is a good formula to pay his car cheaper, provided you can find his model on the site.

Buy a caravan with a loan rate 0

Buy a caravan with a loan rate 0

Do not pay interest when you start to buy a caravan or a mobile home, it is possible, especially with the help of SED which provides financial support to Travelers, for to avoid precariousness.

To follow, our guide to buy a caravan with the help of the SED, for a zero rate financing of a caravan for travelers.

The SED caravan loan

Assistance may vary depending on the region of the Family Allowance Fund. The caravan loan is requested from a social worker, or from an association, as the gypsy association presents to Romorantin.

It is not necessary that the caravan is new, it can also be a used mobile home. The main condition of this purchase must be to make it his main residence, which is the case for many travelers.

What is the caravan loan amount?

To give the example of the SED of Loir-et-Cher, the caravan credit is 4000 euros, and it is refundable over several years. It will not be necessary to send a check to his caisse every month, since the amount of the refund will be directly subtracted from the family allowances, coming to underestimate them. For tight budgets, it avoids failing to honor all monthly payments.

SED Loir-et-Cher also requires that a small sum be supported by the recipients, with a personal contribution of 100 euros when buying the caravan. Once the loan is paid, it will be necessary to send the proof of purchase to the SED, with a photocopy of the registration card established in the name of the recipient of the loan.

A caravan as housing

It is not because one lives in a caravan that it should not be comfortable and not unhealthy. But the caravan loan is only for travelers, provided they are already recipients, and receive only very small income.

When editing the file with a social worker, remember to bring the following supporting documents, as well as the opinion of the chosen association:

  • Photocopy of the quote
  • Seller’s RIB
  • The invoice and the delivery note after the purchase

Ultimately, a zero-interest loan for the purchase of a car and a caravan is quite possible, yet it is necessary to speak to the right people. Being at the RSA or poorly compensated job seeker can have more help, and that’s normal.


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