The Three Most Important Current Accounts


Monte dei Paschi di Siena offers a wide variety of current accounts, able to satisfy the most diverse needs.

For families, for example, the modular Conto Italiano Per Noi account is envisaged , featuring a unique basic set with a different monthly fee depending on whether you choose unlimited operation using innovative channels (Phone banking and Internet banking) or unlimited operations also using the help desk. The basic set includes, in addition to the opening of the account, the On Line Documents service (option that allows you to receive all documents, including the account statement, in electronic format), the Integrated Multichannel service and the MPS debit card Euroshop .

Additional services can be added to these services, both during opening and afterwards, which determine an increase in the monthly fee: from the deposit of securities to the credit card (Montepaschi Classic Card or Carta Montepaschi Gold), passing through the M ‘revolving card Honey and the Axa Mps Protection in Account policy (both in the basic version and in the advanced version). The basic fee includes monthly installments of 6 euros for those who choose operations without limits online and 8 euros for those who choose unlimited operations even at the counter: it offers, every year, five bank transfers from the desk, five online transfers , ten checks, twenty-four Rid (payment orders) and three bank statements at the counter every three months (ie one per month).

 Online Italian Account

 Online Italian Account

Another current account of Monte dei Paschi that is worth taking into consideration is the Online Italian Account , designed for new customers who prefer to operate through direct fees: it does not include any hanging fee, and includes automatic activation of Documents On Line , a personal support through interaction with specialized operators through Internet banking, a debit card to withdraw cash in Italy and abroad and make payments in the affiliated establishments, and finally the Integrated Multichannel Servicewhich allows free access to Mobile banking, Phone banking and Internet banking services. This account can be requested online or by phone and opened from home or in the branch with the signing of the contract and withdrawal of the Electronic Key.

Finally, it is also worth mentioning the Monte Italiano dei Conti Italian Pension Account , intended only for pensioners of welfare and social security institutions such as Inail, Inps, Anmic, Anmil, Inpdap, Inpdai and Enpals. Those who have this account can get a pension up to six months, favorable conditions for the administration of the titles and personal loans to pay for holidays, stays and spa treatments. This current account also requires that the pensioner is also levied in case of impediments or temporary absence of the holder: in this way all the risks connected to the loss or theft are canceled.

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The product has a monthly fee of 4 euros, which includes quarterly settlement costs and unlimited transactions, as well as automatic payment of telephone, water, gas and electricity bills. Not only that: the current account holders can also take advantage of an insurance policy against the theft of the ATM in the two hours following the withdrawals.



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